Meet the Fall 2015 SYS Team

Seven senior student-athletes have taken the reins on the second half of the LGBTQ Visibility and Allyship campaign. Meet them and learn why they are passionate about this year's topic. 


Tori Eldridge '16
Women's Field Hockey

Hometown: Brewster, MA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Anthropology
Other activities: SAAC president, enjoying the outdoors, reading

Athletic Profile

"I joined the SYS team because its imperative for the athletic community to support all of their athletes, queer and ally, in order to foster an environment of respect and growth. There is nothing to be gained by the pain and silence of athletes who feel pressured by their peers to remain closeted. The strength we gain from uniting together around anti-homophobia will change this culture for the better."


Caroline Hobbs '16
Women's Tennis

Hometown: Lafayette, CO
Major: environmental studies
Other Activities: SAAC vice-president, Honors Forum president

Athletic Profile


Emily Mangan '16
Women's Softball

Hometown: Marlboro, VT
Major: Government, Environmental Studies
Extra activities: Interning off campus at the American Farmland Trust (no farms no food), netflix, eating, hiking, kayaking, destroying the patriarchy

Athletic Profile

"As a queer athlete, it's incredibly important to me that we foster safe spaces so that all LGBTQ people across campus feel safe no matter where they are. I think athletics is a great place to start this inclusive dialogue. Athletes and LGBTQ people are often pitted against each other, but I think we can make it so that the two groups work together to make a more inclusive Skidmore community. "


Shannon Sebor '16
Women's Field Hockey

Hometown: Concord, NH
Major: Psychology
Minor: Exercise Science

Athletic Profile

"I joined the Show Your Sport Team because I think it's important for every athlete to feel welcomed into their community. No one should feel like they have to hold back or hide how they feel or what they believe in. Athletes should feel comfortable being themselves while doing the things they love, whether it's sports, academics, or social activities. That's why it is so important to have teammates who respect and support you. Show your Sport is a way to express and convey that, and I'm a proud supporter of it. "


Bennett Beutel '16
Men's Lacrosse

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Business
Other activities: Jewelry Making

Athletic Profile

"I joined SYS originally to show support for my older sister, but it has expanded since then. It is still easy to see that this topic has yet to be addressed enough in athletics for people to feel safe to come out as queer or an ally. That should not be the case. I want to provide support and show that there are people who care."


May-Lin McEvoy '16
Women's Softball

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Major: Business
Minor: Spanish
Other Activities: Baking

Athletic Profile

"I joined Show Your Sport because the current topic is very important to me. Also to make sure that everyone feels that they are in a safe space and can be themselves is important. I enjoy helping others and bringing people together for a cause. We deal with issues that might be hard to talk about, need to be addressed or needs more awareness."


Lila Rosenfeld '16
Women's Softball

Hometown: Albany, California
Major: Psychology
Minor: Business
Other Activities: Admissions ambassador, office assistant in the registrar's office, pre-law

Athletic Profile

"I joined the Show Your Sport team to become a more active LGBTQ ally on an individual level, as well as uniting the athletic community around this issue."