Visibility on the Field


Led by: Tori Eldridge '16, Field Hockey, Caroline Hobbs '16, Tennis, and Emily Mangan '16, Softball
Supplementary work by: Clare Kenny '15 and Aria Goodman '15, Volleyball

During the fall semester, student-athletes rallied for National Coming Out Day and Spirit Day by sporting ribbons during competition. For National Coming Out Day, the Show Your Sport team provided rainbow ribbons for athletes to wear during their matches to honor those who have come out as LGBT or as straight allies. For Spirit Day, athletes had the opportunity to wear purple ribbons the same month to stand up against bullying of LGBT youth. 

In anticipation of these two events, Show Your Sport co-founder Clare Kenny sent a letter to Skidmore's current athletes, encouraging them to participate by sharing her personal story of struggling to come out in athletics. 

Fall 2015Aria Goodman