Student Athlete Activism


Bringing a new face to campus activism

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Show Your Sport is a multifaceted athletics program designed to create awareness, increase education, and enhance visibility for social issues through student-led activism. Each year, members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) decide on a social issue of national and/or personal concern to address as a community. Through creative and critical thought, Show Your Sport is a platform for positive change.


Student-athletes possess the potential and power to give back, yet are often overlooked as resources for social activist campaigns. Instead, athletic communities have come to represent a source of negative social influence, especially on college campuses. Show Your Sport creates a platform for student-athletes to challenge such stereotypes and engage with their surroundings in a positive way. 

If greater campus change is to be made it should not, and perhaps cannot, be done without the student-athlete population.
— clare kenny, co-founder

By and for student-athletes

Different from national campaigns, SYS initiatives respond to the needs of the athletic program on a grassroots level. This needs-based advocacy asks student-athletes to consider and address the pressing issues of their immediate community.

Education Applied

SYS provides student-athletes with an opportunity to apply their broad educations in relevant and dynamic ways. Student-athlete leaders drive and plan events, programming, community building, and consciousness-raising activities. 

Dynamic Outcomes

Each SYS campaign aims to create immediate and lasting change within the athletics environment. Unforseen learning and leadership opportunities allow student-athletes to make their mark not only athletically, but artistically, socially, and academically as well. 


Show Your Sport aims to build community, increase awareness, and foster inclusivity, diversity, and allyship within and beyond athletics.
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