The platform where ALL student-athletes can profit off of name, image and likeness by interacting with their biggest fans on game day.


1. Fan sends a good luck or great game message for $10
Players receive 100%* of the profits from each message
2. Player responds with a personalized message and a photo or selfie from the game
3. Fan gets a digital card of the interaction


Get paid for interacting with your biggest fans!

You already have a support system that got you where you are today, let those fans know where they can s'port you on your socials and you can even send it to an old coach or your uncle Joe.


Connect with your favorite Student-Athlete like never before. Offer your s'port (support) for the next big game, the upcoming season or for a special occasion with a private one-on-one interaction.

For every $10 message to your favorite athletes, you are guaranteed a custom response that may include an action photo, autograph and/or a grateful message.

Know that 100% of profit goes directly to the student-athlete.

The process to get started today is as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Set up a User Profile
2. Select your Favorite Athlete
3. Send them a private message to their inbox

It’s about time.

*Payout percentage is subject to change


Ready to connect with your family, friends and fans….and make some bank?

By inviting your fans to interact with you and providing them with heart-filled thanks response you can maximize your platform to create a new stream of revenue - one that you have earned.

Use your social media platforms to drive your fans here and encourage their support. For every $10 message that you respond to, you will receive 100% of the profits.

Getting started is easy:
1. Set-up a profile
2. Promote your page on social media
3. Respond to and have fun with your supportive fans
4. Cash checks

It’s about time.

*Payout percentages are subject to change.

Stripe Direct Deposit

S'PORT uses Stripe Connect to process our direct deposits directly into your bank accounts on a weekly payout schedule. Stripe Connect is the direct deposit that companies like Lyft and Doordash use to pay their drivers for their work.

Stripe handles the security to protect your bank account information and sends you the boring tax stuff (1099s) so you we can focus on perfecting your interactions with your biggest fans.